- Art should comfort the disturbed, and Disturb the comfortable -

Ashling Aileron Art


celebrating Tom Hardy


Willow and Powdered Charcoal on Fabriano paper

11"x 16" drawing size

Framed size to be advised

Why Tom Hardy? 
If you aren't already a Huge fan of his phenomenal acting, here are a few interesting facts about this wonderfully awesome human.

- He was made Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles.

- He was seen sprinting and vaulting fences in pursuit of a getaway thief, and apprehended him.

- He was a recovering addict, the main reason he is an ambassador to the Prince's Trust, helping at-risk youth with coping skills that will ensure they don't make his mistakes.



The Artist

- Ashling Aileron -


Ashling Aileron, a self-taught artist born in Singapore in 1980 who currently lives on the beautiful Kapiti coast of New Zealand. A free spirited soul and deep thinker, Ashling has been known to  jot her philosophies down with paintings and impromptu sketches.


Having a defiant personality has led to the the creative uprising against traditional methods of how mediums should be applied, leading to constant experimentation with different styles, techniques and mediums. She shows significant interest in how mediums relate and react to each other.

Ashling has always been fascinated by people and their stories, and frequently creates portraits of humans she come across as interesting or inspiring. Her expressive styles, methods and mediums will vary according to the subject, as she aims to highlight each subject in their uniqueness. She often creates portraits of her favourite book characters, entwining their stories within.

Ashling's artworks are influenced by modern Charcoal artists such as Nathan Fowkes and Robert Kelly as well as taking inspiration from a variety of styles such as victorian steampunk era and fiction/ fantasy influences.

Her ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect balance of art creation that dances between the lines of the old nostalgic era and the sensitive modern society.

Ashling has recently entered the art scene in 2017 with her sky series oil paintings and has been active in exhibitions and shows since, including Easter exhibitions and Art trails. 


Ashling's collections have been collected in countries like the U.K, Singapore, New Zealand and Argentina.

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes."

- Carl Jung -


- "I celebrate People and their dreams." -

The significance of a person’s dreams and desires are often buried deep down within. Sometimes even forgotten.


I like to find the hidden realms within each person, and sometimes their stories hold me captive. Unsaid thoughts frequently transpire me with a new wave of energy, urging me on to tell stories. For who are men but story tellers, since the very dawn of time. 

I draw or paint stories, in layers. Each layer may vary, and many times, I feel as if I’m adding story layers to each portrait as the creation progresses. Like humans, art needs to have many layers.  


My style and palette varies in each artwork as they are tailor made.


contact Ashling

Do you have interesting stories? Or have brilliant information about the person I'm drawing? Chat me up! 

Don't be shy to leave a message using the form below. Alternatively, here's my personal e-mail.


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