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The Artist

- Ashling Aileron -


This fiery bookworm currently lives in the beautiful Kapiti coast of New Zealand. 


Having a free spirited soul and defiant personality has certainly encouraged her to experiment and challenge the traditional methods of applying mediums. Thus, she has been constantly experimenting with different styles, techniques and mediums and how they relate to each other. 

Ashling is fascinated by humans, their stories, and how they behave. Sometimes, she creates portraits of humans she come across as interesting or inspiring. Other times, she draws fictional characters or fanart. She is especially fond of bringing book characters to life. 

Her expressive styles, methods and mediums will vary according to the subject, as she tries to highlight each subject in their own unique space.

Ashling's artworks are influenced by modern Charcoal artists such as Nathan Fowkes and Robert Kelly as well as taking inspiration from a variety of styles such as the steampunk era and fantasy influences.

Her goal is to ultimately achieve the right balance of art creation which dances between the lines of old nostalgia and the modern society.

Ashling has recently entered the art scene and has been actively exhibiting in New Zealand, including the local art trails. Her works are also sought after by collecters in the U.K, Australia, Singapore and Argentina.


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