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Some works in the making ..

Sometimes, we work for months to get a piece finished. Maybe years if it doesn't sit right.

Thank you for having the patience to wait for them ...  Thank you for indulging in my stories.


I often upload progress and little titbits on instagram. Please support and follow if you are able to.

(Modern  galleries often check up on our online status when they consider us for displaying in their galleries. It helps our credentials  when we have more followers -  Please find my link here: Please and thank you !)



*Note: Commissions are case by case scenario. If I don't think I can bring you out in creative way, I will say No. Please do not be offended, I just like to put my all into the canvas. 

p/sp/s: Also I do not draw anyone's auntie/ uncle/ sister/ grandparents, great sister-in-law divided by half ('s) dog.

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